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Struggling with the expense, frustration and hard work required to manage your business' IT hosting infrastructure yourself? Now there's a better option. Shiff Atlanta Information Technology's business hosting packages offer improved performance, value, and support while also guaranteeing overall system security. Plus, our Atlanta-based IT hosting services experts can implement this solution quickly, without compromising your business productivity.

Shiff Atlanta Information Technology's business hosting solutions offer:

- Seamless connectivity - Simple, uninterrupted access between your employees and all necessary applications.
- Dedicated servers - A secure, highly-accessible data center with multiple servers.
- Unlimited tech support - Desktop and laptop support for both Macs and PCs from techs in Atlanta.
- Server support - Management and monitoring of your network, hardware, workstations, printers and servers.
- Fixed monthly expenses - All services offered for one low monthly price.

Attempting to afford and maintain your own IT hosting is much too costly for most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) - just trying to identify needs and set up a business hosting system in the first place is hard enough. Adding to the network and maintaining proper security takes more resources and staffing.

And just getting set up isn't enough - technology is constantly changing and improving, so you have to continue to plan for future software and hardware needs. Most SMBs don't have the staff or the expertise to build a business hosting solution comparable to that offered by Shiff Atlanta Information Technology - and it wouldn't make sense to try. Use those resources to grow your business and find new sources of revenue, while letting us worry about your IT hosting services.

Shiff Atlanta Information Technology offers secure, dependable IT hosting services and a Atlanta-based expert support team, all for one low, fixed monthly payment that gives you the freedom to concentrate on your business goals, not your business hosting infrastructure.

Contact Shiff Atlanta Information Technology now to find out how our hosting solutions can work for you.