Data Protection

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Imagine what would happen if your IT infrastructure was abruptly lost due to hackers or a natural disaster - would you have a backup plan? How long would your company continue to function? Shiff Atlanta Information Technology offers comprehensive data recovery and protection programs for small and mid-size companies in the Atlanta area.

We offer a secure way to shield your critical data from loss due to hackers, worker theft, system failure, and natural disasters. Our experts will work with you to examine your requirements and design a solution tailored specifically to your business' IT needs and price range.

Shiff Atlanta Information Technology's data backup and recovery products include:

- Protection against viruses and unauthorized access using the newest technology
- Secure access to your data using our dedicated servers
- Automatic backup of your business data during the day, every day
- An off-site backup of your IT infrastructure that can be utilized as a spare within minutes in the event of a system failure at your company
- Monthly billing for your data protection services - with no added expenses for hardware or software

If a fire, flood or other disaster damaged your office, having on-site data backup and recovery equipment wouldn't be sufficient. While a situation like this will hopefully never happen, there are plenty of other threats, including network and software application failures, which might take days to fix.

Could you do business without your data? Would you know how (or who) to contact regarding customer orders and deliveries? Would you be able to get in touch with leads and create new sales? How long would your business survive if data recovery was not an option?

Contact Atlanta's data protection specialists at Shiff Atlanta Information Technology right now to learn more about how we can help safeguard your most critical business asset.