About Us

Our Company

Our focus has always been to listen to customers and understand what technology they need to succeed in their business.

We able to explain (or translate) the computers and technical issues to plain "English". Listening to users and being there for them creates a trust and that is what we are all looking for with any service we purchase. I have been told by customers "with you, we get a warm, fuzzy feeling and we never got this from other IT Companies"

We train all of our staff to first listen to the user, or customer, and then try to find a solution. We say "if the customer complained there IS a problem even if you (the tech) cannot see it at the moment. So we teach our staff to never discount a user's complaint or problem.

The Philosophy of Shiff Atlanta revolves around the customer and the user. Computer, servers, internet, etc..., are all there to make the life of the user easier. We listen to you, the user, and then make the technology work for you. We strive to give our customers the best technology, with no fears or surprises. We wrap our customer service around our technical expertise to help our customers be more productive.

We looking for long term relationship and we know that a happy customer is a long term customer. We give individual attention and train our staff to listen to users. We are there for our users.

Our customer told us that we have the heart of a teacher At Shiff Atlanta we strive to have the highest technical expertise and we work hard to be at the forefront of the technology curve. We do that so we can advise you and help you make the right decision technically and financially. It would not be right for us to tell you what we recommend without explaining it. As a customer you need to understand the implications of your decision. At Shiff Atlanta we consider ourselves translators of technology. We try to leave the technical language behind and speak plain English.

The latest technology today is available for everyone. At Shiff Atlanta we did not develop the technology but we know how to use it. We can show you how to use the simplest or the most advanced technology and make it easy for you at the same time.

We wrap the technology and deliver the best possible setup to each individual customer and user. Technologies are available such as the Internet, the Internet Cloud, Virtualization, etc…, we listen to you and create a technology package wrapped in superb customer service just for you.

Our Mission

• To be the leader in cloud computing technology for end users in small businesses.
• We strive to make the most advanced technology avail to any user of any company and to do that in a simple to use form.
• To utilize Cloud computing technology to make the burden predictable and manageable.
• To connect companies to their employees and customers where ever they happened to be located

Our Team

Zohar Shiff
Over twenty years in the IT support industry. Last 10 years created A to Z Information Services. Now owner at Shiff Atlanta. Passionate about delivering high technology to users in a simple user-friendly way. Today Zohar expertise expanded to cloud computing and its application to small businesses and end users. Mr. Shiff has strong expertise in the healthcare IT filed and help many offices to convert to Electronically Medical Records.