Shiff Care

24/7 monitoring and maintenance with user help desk support at a low monthly fixed cost.
Pay per user, and all contracts are month to month!

Atlanta Business Continuity

Have you ever thought what you would do if your server crashed? Is your data protected?
With Shiff ABC, we can provide a backup and disaster recovery system that will have you back up in just minutes!

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Tired of upgrading your computer systems and buying new servers? DON'T DO IT!
That's right! Move your business to the Shiff Private Cloud Infrastructure today!

 Prompt Online Escalation
 Shiff Private Cloud Infrastructure
If an issue cannot be quickly resolved via remote/phone support, our escalation policy will have experienced engineers onsite to resolve any issues that are not able to be resolved via remote support.

Shiff Care will always provide superior service at a fixed monthly cost. All contracts are month to month, giving business owners more flexibility with their IT department, and makes IT budgeting simpler. Regardless of how many phone calls are made to support your monthly fee will never increase!

Virtual technology allows us to make full system snapshots. In the event of an emergency, your server could be recovered and rebuilt in hours, not days!

One physical machine can be used to host many virtual servers. Make the most out of your hardware by allocating specific resources to specific servers based on capacity requirements.

Easily Expand systems and users without rebuilding and without requiring additional hardware, all with minimal downtime!
 Immediate Technical Support
Professional, technical, US based support staff ready and willing to assist by email or phone. The technicians answer the phones and work directly with users to resolve the issue quickly.

 Never Buy Hardware Again
Utilizing our Private Cloud Infrastructure allows you to rent only the equipment you need. By utilizing server power, less power is required at the workstation.